Artscape: LA Podcaster, With RI Roots, Builds Memory Palace

Sep 29, 2016

On Rhode Island Public Radio's Artscape this month we look at podcasting, with a profile of Nate Dimeo, a podcaster based in Los Angeles, but with deep Rhode Island roots.

In October of 2014, the podcast Serial, from the producers of This American Life, became "a global phenomenon" according to The Wall St. Journal. Serial is reporter Sarah Koenig’s episodic investigation of what may or may not be a miscarriage of justice. With Serial, podcasting had hit the big-time.                          

So what is a podcast? Basically it’s like a radio program that you can download and hear anytime on your phone or computer. And there are thousands of podcasts out there – some reach millions, like Serial, some just a handful of listeners. Podcaster Nate Dimeo, based in Los Angeles, but with deep roots in Providence, reaches a number somewhere in between, with his show, The Memory Palace.