Attorney for Central Falls Officials Says Mediation Went Nowhere

Mar 19, 2013

The attorney representing a group of Central Falls city councilors says mediation with the city’s receiver has broken down.

Lawrence Goldberg represents the council president and two other members who want the receiver to leave. The receiver’s office says it’s not budging until the city council has been briefed on a five-year fiscal plan. Goldberg says that plan is not mandatory and the receiver should have left long ago.

A group of city council members wants the state-appointed receiver to leave Central Falls and give control back to elected officials.
Credit Ryan T Conaty

“I always hope the receiver will leave because that’s what my client’s objective is,” says Goldberg. “How they leave is immaterial to me, how soon they leave is very important.”

An attorney for the receiver says they can’t comment because the status of mediation is unclear.

Receivership has cost Central Falls nearly $4 million.

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