Avedisian and Fung Paint the Town for Gaspee Days Fundraiser

Mar 20, 2013

Gaspee Days, is a time honored tradition for the towns of Cranston and Warwick each summer, but fundraising has begun early for the mayors of the respective towns.

In order to raise the $5000 needed to paint the parade stripe, mayors Scott Avedisian of Warwick and Allan Fung of Cranston, will be racing each other to paint a ten foot strip of the roadway.

Avedisian is happy to be in a race other than political.

“We will each be painting a section of the roadway to illustrate the fact that it is a community celebration, and that not only are mayor Fung and I good friends, but that we’re willing to go be good adversaries to try to raise money and to challenge one another, and to challenge our communities to help out.”

Cranston and Warwick residents are encouraged to donate to bring their city to the finish line first, you can donate at www.gaspee.com.

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