Baldelli-Hunt announces mayoral run in Woonsocket

Apr 23, 2013

Putting an end to speculation about her next move, state Represenative Lisa Baldelli-Hunt announced Tuesday that she's a candidate for mayor in Woonsocket.

Here's part of her statement:

Baldelli Hunt said people are fearful for the city’s future, unsure of what tomorrow will bring and unsettled by the city’s financial struggles and what those problems mean for their household.  She said the next Mayor of Woonsocket will need to restore stability in the city, bringing people together to make the changes needed to put Woonsocket back on a strong economic footing.  As a small business owner, who has made a home and raised a family here, Baldelli Hunt believes she has the energy, experience and commitment to make that happen.

“Woonsocket needs effective leadership and a Mayor who will have strong working relationships in the State House, the business community and our neighboring cities and towns to help us navigate our way out of this financial crisis,” said Baldelli Hunt.  “As a State Representative for the last six and a half years, I have built those relationships and am ready to put all of my skills and experience to work in City Hall.”

Baldelli Hunt added, “For too long, Woonsocket has been bogged down in the messy politics of personality conflicts and turf battles.  I will be a Mayor who provides bold leadership, a Mayor who isn’t afraid to make decisions, and who doesn’t just sit at a desk but is actively involved in promoting Woonsocket and creating a strong business climate that will create jobs for our residents.”

Baldelli's uncle. Charles, is a former mayor of Woonsocket. The seat is currently held by Republican Leo Fontaine, who has not commented publicly on his plans, to the best of my knowledge. Independent Dave Fisher was first out of the chute in announcing a run for mayor.

UPDATE: Patrick Laverty says Fontaine plans to seek re-election.