Barrington moves closer to a plastic bag ban

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Barrington Town Council is one step closer to voting on a plan to ban plastic bags from the check-out line. The Town Council voted 3-2 Monday to create a draft ordinance of the plan. The proposal would prohibit retailers from using plastic bags. It could also have customers pay a small fee to use paper bags.

Environment Rhode Island's Channing Jones, is a supporter of the proposal. He says its goal is two-fold. First: it would encourage people to use reusable shopping bags. Second: it would prevent many plastic bags from ending up as litter, adding the plastic bags threaten wildlife.

But the Executive Director of the Rhode Island Retail Federation, Paul DeRoche says the effort is overblown. "It's not as bad as they think it is. There's more important things we should be addressing."

DeRoche adds the proposal would impact manufacturing jobs in New England. A final ordinance is expected before the town council in October.

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