Beavers Gnawing on Trees at Diamond Hill Park

Apr 24, 2013

Beaver damage at Diamond Hill Park
Credit Michelle Plant

In Cumberland, a colony of beavers is bringing down trees at Diamond Hill Park. The town is busy deciding how to stop the animals.

The town of Cumberland says a colony of about six beavers is busy doing what beavers do, gnawing down trees near the baseball fields at Diamond Hill Park. The Director of Parks and Recreation, Michael Crawley, says the beavers have built a lodge--about the size of a VW Beetle--on Sylvys Brook that runs through the park. He says the town is concerned about potential flooding and the loss of vegetation. At least a dozen trees are gone.

“I mean they’re good sized trees," he says. "Trees that have probably been growing for ten, twenty years. They’re not the new trees, skinny trees. They’re good sized. The average sized tree that you would see in your yard.”

Crawley says his department called in a private firm to see about possibly trapping and killing the colony. He says it’s one of many options. Cumberland is also looking at installing metal skirts around the trees to dissuade the beavers from gnawing on them. But that method could prove expensive as beavers are known to wander far from their lodge to fall trees.

Crawley says a final proposal probably won’t be made until the fall.