Bernanke visits RI

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Ocean State college students had a chance to grill the federal reserve chairman on Monday. Ben Bernanke took their questions at a meeting at the Rhode Island Convention Center.

Bernanke fielded questions on everything from the bail-out of AIG to the lessons he's learned from the Great Depression. He also offered an apology.

"I'm sorry the economy's not stronger right now," he said.

But Bernanke said while the immediate job market is uncertain, college students have already made an important investment in their long term future.

"America will continue to be a terrific place to live and work and you'll have many many chances and opportunities as long as you're well prepared for them," he said.

Bernanke was in town to speak at the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council annual meeting. RIPEC is a business backed state budget watchdog group.