Bike Fest RI, Trying To Grow Providence Cycling Community

May 9, 2015

Cycling fans roll out the bicycles Saturday for Bike Fest RI.  The annual event is hosted this year at the Met School in Providence.

Organizers say it kicks off Rhode Island’s cycling season. That’s cycling season if you’re a casual biker. Hard core cyclists like Ed Raff ride through the winter. Raff is one of the organizers of Bike Fest RI. He said the event is geared toward getting everyone try biking just a little bit more.

“Generally people buy a bicycle thinking ‘oh I’m going to get in shape and here’s my chance,” said Raff.  “Often it just sits in the basement. They all have them; it’s getting out and using them that’s the problem.”

Bike Fest offers tune-ups, the chance to learn how to fix a bike, or even buy one.  Raff said he hopes the event will grow the cycling community in Providence.

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