Biking connection complete

PROVIDENCE, RI – Dignitaries will gather in East Providence to celebrate the completion of a new bike lane connecting the popular Blackstone River and East Bay bike paths.

The East Bay and Blackstone River bike paths are enormously popular but navigating the six miles between them has been a problem, says Bob Billington, president of the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council.

"They'll tell you, I've tried to make that connection before but got lost. Never knew how to do it,'" he says.

The confusion ends with the inauguration of a six-mile bike lane along roads in East Providence, Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls and Cumberland.

"The number of users will go up because you can actually go somewhere," he says. "It's not just for your pleasant day walk or ride. You can actually go somewhere."

The six mile connector is a four foot wide marked lane on the right side of the road. But the long term plan is to make it a separate pathway.

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