Bill Would Bring Early Voting to RI

Mar 4, 2013

Rhode Islanders would be allowed to vote early under a bill introduced in the General Assembly. The bill was introduced at the request of the governor’s office.

Rhode Islanders would be allowed to vote Thursdays and Fridays three weeks before an election, under a bill sponsored by State Representative Deborah Ruggiero.   The Jamestown democrat says the long lines we saw during the 2012 presidential election should not be tolerated.

“My goal is to eliminate the long lines we saw in the last election,” says Ruggiero. “Early voting is convenient and when you make voting convenient it’s really a step toward democracy. Every vote counts and every voice should be heard.”

Ruggiero says costs should be minimal. She envisions early voting taking place at town halls, which are already open during the specified voting hours.  Thirty-two states already allow early voting.

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