Bills On The Way To Collect Sakonnet River Bridge Toll

Oct 9, 2013

The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority is ramping up efforts to collect the 10-cent toll on the Sakonnet River Bridge. Chairman David Darlington said there are 750,000 records of drivers who have crossed the bridge without being charged. Now the authority is ready to collect.

A legislative commission put a 10-cent toll on the Sakonnet River Bridge as a placeholder as it works out a plan for the controversial toll.

If you have an E-ZPass, it will be charged. If you don’t own an E-ZPass and have crossed the Sakonnet Bridge fewer than 25 times, you will not receive a bill. But after you make that 25th trip, the authority will send out a bill of at least $2.50.

Darlington said, “$2.50 makes sense for us on a lot of levels given the cost of a stamp and envelope and so on. That seems like an appropriate level.”

Drivers will have 30 days to pay the bill without penalty, said Darlington. The 10-cent toll is a placeholder until a legislative commission comes up with a toll plan for the Sakonnet Bridge. If there’s no plan by April 1st, Darlington said the Turnpike and Bridge Authority will regain control over setting the toll.

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