The Biltmore Hotel $16m Makeover

Feb 25, 2013

The Providence Biltmore Hotel is undergoing a $16 million makeover.  Owner Todd Finard says the heating, cooling and ventilation system is being completely replaced and all the rooms will be redecorated.

Front Door at Biltmore Hotel
Credit RIPR file

No final decision has been made on what to do with a non-working elevator that was tacked onto the exterior building in the 1970’s. But Finard says he’s leaning towards keeping it where it is and sprucing it up with lights. "We were thrilled with how the elevator looked during Style Week when they internally illuminated the elevator,   the glass of the elevator,  and sort of had this really beautiful light show going on inside the elevator shaft."
The Grand Ballroom is also being restored with new carpeting, drapes and a refinished dance floor.

Finard says his goal is to restore the Biltmore to its former splendor. "My goal is to put the Biltmore in a position where it enjoyed an eventful first 90 years and if we do this renovation correctly it will have an even more exciting 90 years ahead of it."

Finard acquired the hotel in bankruptcy court last year for 16 million dollars.

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