Binder Bows Out of Second Challenge to Fox

Jul 1, 2013

Author Mark Binder, who used 38 Studios as a cudgel against House Speaker Gordon Fox in a closely watched legislative race last year, has decided not to make another run at Fox.

Binder got an early start by announcing plans for a second challenge in May. Yet in a statement Monday morning, he says he's reconsidered.

Last year I devoted so much time and effort to the race that my business—as a writer, storyteller and independent publisher—began to suffer. While my family helped with the effort, campaigning took me away from our dinner table more and more as my children continued to grow and change.

This fall I have a new book coming out, and want to focus on making it an international success.

Fox beat Binder last year with 58 percent of the vote, in a race that would have been far less notable without the shadow of 38 Studios.

Fox's plans for 2014 remain unclear. Congressman David Cicilline has encouraged Fox to run for mayor of Providence (assuming Angel Taveras runs for governor); Fox could also seek re-election to the House. Spokesman Larry Berman says Fox won't discuss his thoughts until after the end Tuesday of the legislative session.