Blackstone Valley Prep Charter Renewed For Another Five Years

Jul 17, 2013

Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy said it’s thrilled the state’s Board of Education has renewed its charter for another five years. The charter school will operate three schools in the coming school year, serving students in Lincoln, Cumberland, Central Falls and Pawtucket. Blackstone Valley Prep’s Jen LoPiccolo said the Board of Education cleared the way for expansion of up to seven schools.

“We see that there’s the need for more high quality public school choice, and so we’re excited to be able to think about our vision and really think about what it will mean to operate seven schools," said LoPiccolo.

LoPiccolo said there’s no timeline for when Blackstone Valley Prep will reach seven schools. The charter school is gearing up to open a high school in the fall of next year. It will start as 9th grade only and build from there. LoPiccolo said they’re still working on a location.

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