Blizzard creates headache for adults, but winter playground for kids

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The heavy snow storm may have brought power outages, canceled flights, and snarled traffic, but for most kids in Rhode Island it meant only one thing- time to play.

Moses Brown School was the place to be for kids on the east side of Providence. About 40 children and their parents brought sleds and inner tubes to the steep hills surrounding the private school.

Sasha Landau says she's not afraid of sledding anymore.

"The first time you do it, like when you're really little you're like Oh no, what's gonna happen?'" she says. "But then when you're my age, which is nine, you're like, This is awesome!'"

And with that, she squeezed into a blow up sled with her sister and a friend. With a push, the three girls bounded down the hill.

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