Block and Fung to Attend Republican Governors Association Training Session in Arizona

Nov 12, 2013

Gubernatorial candidate Ken Block, who joined the Republican Party last month, is looking to burnish his GOP credentials by attending a Republican Governors Association training session for candidates in Arizona later this month. Cranston Mayor Allan Fung also plans to attend the get-together in Scottsdale on November 21-22.

In a statement, Block says he was happy to be invited and hopes to learn from Republican governors:

"Rhode Island must draw from lessons learned by other states," Block said. "Many of my proposals are guided by analyzing how Rhode Island ranks nationally, and then identifying best practices. This approach also applies to campaigning and finding effective ways to build support among voters."

The RGA is currently chaired by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a Brown grad, although New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is due to take the reins of the group.

Fung has started criticizing Block's Republican credentials.

During an appearance broadcast Sunday on WPRI/WNAC-TV's Newsmakers, Fung (at about 17:52) said Block still has to answer for the role he played in the defeat of Republican gubernatorial candidate John Robitaille in 2010. Robitaille placed less than three percentage points behind Lincoln Chafee, while Block, running as a Moderate, attracted 6.5 percent of the vote. Block has rejected assertions that he was responsible for Robitaille's loss.