Board of Elections Director to Keep His Job

Mar 12, 2013

Rhode Island elections director Bob Kando gets to keep his job, but he first had to endure a dressing down from his bosses, the Board of Elections. The board felt Kando exceeded his executive authority when he presented lawmakers with a package of elections-related bills.

The Board of Elections, meeting in executive session, reminded its director, Bob Kando that drafting a legislative agenda is their job, not his.  Kando had forwarded a package of bills to the General Assembly without the board’s approval. Board chair Frank Rego says the panel is happy with 99.9% of Kando’s performance, but took issue with this.

“It was a very positive meeting. You know it’s like having a family meeting and every so often families need to sit down and talk over things,” says Rego. “And that’s all it was. Again, there were no votes taken. I think people thought there was going to be the rolling of heads but that was never the intent.”

Rego says the elections director was understanding and was upset that he had gotten crossways the board.

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