Board Releases Agenda for Contested Retreat

Aug 23, 2013

A Harvard researcher, a former Massachusetts education official and a testing company founder are among the experts slated to address high-stakes testing at the Rhode Island Board of Education this weekend. The board is holding a two-day retreat as it faces calls to reconsider a controversial policy linking test scores to a high school diploma.  

The retreat was originally billed as a closed-door information session, until good government groups objected and sued to open the meeting to the public. The full agenda has now been posted on the board's website.

In the testing session scheduled for Sunday afternoon, the board will hear from David Driscoll, former education commissioner of Massachusetts, where testing has been a graduation requirement for a decade. The board will also hear from Measured Progress, the group that designed Rhode Island’s standardized test, and Tony Wagner, a Harvard education researcher who advocates preparing kids for the workplace by teaching them to be innovative and independently motivated.

Other sessions planned for the now public retreat  include a look at supporting teachers and a plan to create a joint nursing complex for Rhode Island College and the University of Rhode Island in downtown Providence.