Bradley School Splits from Bradley Hospital Campus

Jul 7, 2014

The Bradley School is leaving its home on the grounds of Bradley Hospital for a new facility in Providence. Bradley officials say they plan to make the move on September first.

A letter sent to Bradley parents says the school will now share space with the Urban Collaborative Accelerated Program, a school for students who have fallen behind and are at serious risk for dropping out. The letter touts larger classrooms, a cafeteria and a newly constructed gymnasium.

According to a Bradley official, the reason for the move is two-fold. Bradley needed the school's old building for other clinical programs, and the new location gives the school a footprint in Providence, which officials hope will set the stage for expanding partnerships in public schools.

Bradley works with students who qualify for special education services, operating several standalone schools and an increasing number of classrooms inside neighborhood public schools.

Lifespan, which operates Bradley Hospital and the Bradley School, recently created a separate business entity called Lifespan School Solutions to oversee its partnerships with school districts.