Breakers Mansion Visitor Center Clears Major Hurdle

Jan 28, 2014

In Newport, a visitor center proposed at the Breakers Mansion passed a major hurdle last night.

The hotly contested center is still far from a reality.

The Breakers Mansion in Newport is at the heart of a dispute over whether to place a visitor center on its historic grounds.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Preservation Society of Newport County which owns the Breakers Mansion wants to build a visitor center, which would house bathrooms, information, and food on the mansion’s property.

They say it’s needed to support the approximately four-hundred thousand annual visitors.

The Society applied for approval of the project from the city’s historic district commission, but was denied.

They appealed the denial to the city’s zoning board.  The Board voted four to one in favor of the Preservation Society.

However the Historic District Commission is expected to appeal the board’s vote in Superior Court.

If the Preservation society wins that case, should it happen, it would still need to win formal approval from the City’s zoning board.

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