Brendan Doherty Hired by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Jul 12, 2013

Former Congressional candidate and head of the state police Brendan Doherty has landed a job at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island.  Doherty’s new job involves probing into fraud.

Brendan Doherty ran against David Cicilline for his Congressional seat in 2010.
Credit Flo Jonic / RIPR

Blue Cross & Blue Shield says Doherty will oversee the units that ferret out fraud, waste and abuse … and programs that educate Blue Cross employees. Company spokeswoman Stacy Paterno says Doherty started the job on Monday after a lengthy process. In a statement, Blue Cross Chief Administrative Officer Michele Lederberg calls Doherty “an ideal person” to bring down the cost of health care by addressing fraud. Doherty was the former head of the state police, ran his own security consulting company, and was the director of public safety for Roger Williams University. Last year he lost his bid for Congress against democratic incumbent David Cicilline. Doherty chairs the board at the Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls.