Bridge in such poor condition that all trucks banned

PROVIDENCE, RI – An East Providence bridge that carries 12,000 vehicles a day has been closed to all truck traffic because of deteriorating steel support beams.

The weight limit on the North Broadway Bridge, which carries traffic over the Ten Mile River, was lowered to seven tons in 2008. A recent inspection caused the state to lower the weight limit further, to three tons.

State bridge engineer David Fish says that precludes use by any vehicle larger than a pick-up.

"Basically non-commercial vehicles: pick-ups, SUVs', sedans, none of your box trucks; none of the say, for instance, U Haul it; just strictly your typical passenger vehicle, SUV," says Fish.

The bridge will be replaced starting next year. Right now 71 bridges statewide have load limits because they are in such poor condition.

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