Bristol's Annual Fourth Of July Parade Attracts Natives And Out-Of-Towners

Jul 4, 2017

Tuesday morning, Bristol held its annual Fourth of July parade, which kicked off at 10:30 at the intersection of Hope and Chestnut streets.

The parade is a part of the town's celebration for the holiday, which consists of a series of events leading up to Independence Day.  At 232 years old, the celebration is the oldest of its kind in the country.

During the parade, marching bands, floats and veterans made their way down the red, white and blue line as local residents and out-of-towners cheered them on.  

Mickui Securo is a Bristol native and hasn't missed a parade in 65 years. He said all of the concerts and other events leading up to the parade are great, but the parade is when Bristol really shines. 

"This is the culmination where we show the whole world how to celebrate The Fourth, " Securo said. 

Carol Cotoia came from Massachusetts with her sister to watch. She said the parade is one of the best in the world because of its atmosphere. 

"Look at all the people," Cotoia said. "Everybody's coming in all their patriotic regalia and everybody's smiling and the streets are crowded and it's wonderful."

Dave Scarpino agreed that there's so much energy behind the celebration. 

"I love the energy the night before, I love the energy of the concerts (that lead up to the parade), and I just love the patriotism," Scarpino said. 

Scarpino lives on the parade route and attended the parade for the second time with his family. He said the parade is a way for people to honor the founding fathers and all of those who came before us. 

"People who haven't come to Bristol and experienced Fourth of July have not gotten in touch with our founding. (Bristol) is a special place and if you haven't been here, you're missing out on something special," Scarpino said.  

Thousands of people were in attendance.