Brown Athletes Named in Sexual Assault Investigation

Jun 13, 2014

Officials at Brown University tell The Providence Journal they have ordered two football players to leave campus amid allegations of sexual assault.

Brown University gates

The action comes as Brown reviews its sexual assault policy following a student’s public complaints that Brown mishandled her sexual assault complaint, allowing her alleged attacker to remain on campus, reducing the findings against him, and making her feel unsafe.

A Brown spokeswoman says the university first learned of the allegations against the football players and a police investigation in February. The players remained on campus until they were asked to leave in April.

The alleged victim, a student at Providence College, told police she had an alcoholic drink with friends at a local bar in November of 2013, and believes she was drugged.  She woke up in a Brown dorm room, unclear about how she got there. According to a police report, the student said the two football players then pressured her to perform sexual acts.

An attorney for one of the Brown students says Brown should not have ordered his client to leave campus, citing his right to remain innocent until proven guilty. The student has filed a civil complaint against his accuser for false and defamatory statements.