Brown Divestment Group to Appear Before the Corporation

May 22, 2013

A student-led protest group at Brown University will attend the Corporation’s annual meeting Thursday to answer questions about climate change.  The group wants the university to divest from fossil fuel companies.

Students at Brown University hope to see the school pull investments from fossil fuel companies.
Credit RIPR

The Brown Divest Coal Campaign spent the last academic year lobbying the university to divest from fossil fuel companies. The group has led rallies, teach-ins, and meetings on the issue. They say by pulling investments out of fossil fuel companies, the university will send a powerful message about the importance of climate change. Brown has invited the group to attend the Corporation’s annual business meeting. Freshman Grant Glovin says the group will come prepared to answer questions… and he adds…make a point.

“We need to divest from these companies. We need to say that it is wrong. That we are not going to support this behavior. We are not going to support what the coal mining companies and the coal mining utilities are doing to our earth.”

Glovin says he understands the Corporation may not act on divestment at the meeting. But he says the campaign will continue until the university divests. Officials from Brown University say divestment is a complex issue, adding that any decision will be made carefully. More than 300 colleges and universities around the country have launched similar divestment campaigns.

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