Brown Endowment Returns Jump to 12.6 percent

Oct 2, 2013

Brown University’s endowment earned investment returns of roughly 12.6 percent in fiscal year 2013, up sharply from just 1 percent in 2012. The University says its total long term investment pool is now worth $2.86 billion.

Brown’s endowment helps to support a generous financial aid policy that assists roughly 44 percent of Brown students.  The fund is critical to numerous university programs, says Brown President Christina Paxson, including need-blind admissions and faculty positions, institutes and centers. The endowment provided 16 percent of Brown’s operating budget for 2013, according to the university

With a 12.6 percent investment return, Brown’s endowment performed better than Harvard’s, which earned 11.3 percent. Yale’s investment return was 12.5 percent.