Brown Engineering Expansion on College Hill

Apr 10, 2013

Brown University is planning on a major expansion at its School of Engineering. The announcement comes Wednesday following gifts to the program totaling $44 million dollars from two alumni. The expansion will take place on land currently owned by the University on College Hill, said University spokesman Marisa Quinn.

“Among the options we were exploring was perhaps engineering in the jewelry district, and even for the upper class years, but that would probably be a mistake for the program.  That there are things that make sense for areas off of College Hill, like the jewelry district particularly given our investments there already, but there are things that really belong on College Hill.”

The physical expansion will extend the area already used for the program to 100,000 square feet on its College Hill campus.

The Jewelry District was ruled out to keep the engineering school close to the other university departments. Brown policy Vice-President Russell Carey said collaboration is essential.

“Engineers are connecting out to other departments, and other departments are connecting in to them.  The interconnection of the way students take classes in the open curriculum is very valuable to us," said Carey, "and we don’t want to disrupt that by separating those course opportunities physically.”

Brown said that while this project will not bring the university out of College Hill, they will maintain their commitment to the Jewelry District.

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