Brown Launches New Environmental Institute Next Month

Apr 15, 2014

Brown University wants to be at the forefront of solving big environmental challenges related to such issues as climate change, food production, and water distribution. So next month it’s launching a new institute designed to draw on research from across different disciplines. The goal is to better prepare future leaders to address those challenges.

The Building for Environmental Research and Teaching (BERT) will be the hub for Brown University's new Institute for the Study of Environment and Society.
Credit Ambar Espinoza / RIPR

The Institute for the Study of Environment and Society will draw on the expertise of many disciplines at Brown, said Amanda Lynch, professor of geological sciences and director of the new institute.  

“So it includes everything from studies of ecology, agriculture, epidemiology, health, equity in climate change negotiations, you name it,” said Lynch. “All of the things that we do that affect the sustainability of the environment and the way that humans interact with their environment will be part of what the institute does.”

Brown students will explore environmental challenges from a holistic approach and in a matter that is fair to vulnerable people around the world, said Lynch.

“There hasn’t been a lot of cross campus pollination between those groups to enable us to work together more to build a critical mass.”

More than 40 faculty members will be affiliated with the institute. The hub of the institute will be based at the new Building for Environmental Research and Teaching (BERT).