Brown to offer new primary care MD program

Jan 29, 2013

Brown University's medical school plans to launch a new program for medical students who want to focus on primary care. The program also aims to boost the number of primary care doctors in Rhode Island.

The new program will admit its first class of 24 students in 2015. They’ll study for the same four years for their MD degrees but with an emphasis on primary care medicine as a specialty. They’ll also graduate with a Masters of science in population health to help them focus not just on an individual patient’s medical needs but on a community’s. Medical school dean Dr. Ed Wing says the plan is to encourage graduates to stay and practice in Rhode Island.

“We’ll be very interested in students who are from Rhode Island originally applying to the program. We’ll be looking at incentives to keep them in the state," said Wing. "So, other states have done this. Massachusetts has had a loan forgiveness program which has been very successful.”

Wing says the new program is unique in offering the population health component alongside the MD degree.

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