Brown Student Accused Of Sex Assault Can Return To School

Aug 29, 2016

Credit RIPR file photo

A Brown University student accused of sexual assault and suspended for two years will be allowed to return to school this fall. The student is awaiting a decision on a lawsuit he brought against the university.

A federal judge ruled the student could enroll for classes this fall pending the outcome of his case.

Brown found the student – known as “John Doe” - was responsible for sexually assaulting a female student and suspended him in April. Doe says it was consensual, and he sued the university.

Doe must have no contact with his accuser, according to the judge.

The lawsuit is one of several faced by Brown in recent years by men accused of sexual assault who say they were unfairly treated by the university.

Brown officials say they’re awaiting the judge's further decision in this case but had no other comment.