Brown U Struggles with Tuition Rates

Feb 26, 2013

Brown University President Christina Paxson
Credit courtesy of Brown University

The president of Brown University is giving voice to something many parents have been thinking: tuition is too high.  

Speaking to the Providence Rotary Club, Brown University president Christina Paxson said rising costs are an issue the university needs to address. "We can’t continue to have costs that grow at greater than the rate of inflation year after year after year.  We just can’t. We just can’t. Right? On the other hand inflation is an average price increase. Sometimes some things are going to be higher and some things are going to be lower. Not everybody can be below average. It’s been consistently higher and that’s something we need to address."
But Paxson also stated that doing something about the increases is not so easy.
Paxson explained that she spent a lot of time analyzing financial data before tuition was increased four percent earlier this month. "We’re in a difficult period too where federal research grants are very much threatened and investment returns are very uncertain so getting this issue looked into very carefully is important for the viability of the institutions and also the viability of the families that are sending their kids to them."

Brown University recently increased its tuition four percent to more than $57,000 a year. Nearly half of its students receive scholarships.

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