Brown University Looking To Become Center For Brazilian Study

Apr 14, 2014

Brown University is taking steps to establish itself as the premier center in the US for the study of Brazil, and it’s starting things off by making a trove of once-classified documents accessible to the public.

Brown University is digitizing thousands of documents on the 1964 Brazilian Coup.

As part of its newly launched Brazil Initiative, Brown partnered with a Brazilian University to release a huge set of documents related to the US’s role in the military coup that took place in Brazil 50 years ago.  The archive contains thousands of declassified US State Department documents, all of which can now be viewed online by anyone.  The documents have already gotten a lot of attention.  They’ve been viewed more than fifty thousand times in just a week.  Even Dilma Roussef, the President of Brazil, took note; posting about the project on her Facebook page.

The archives also inspired a Brazilian donor to call up with an offer of fifty-thousand dollars for the project’s continuation.  That should come in handy because Brown researchers are planning to digitize more documents about Brazil from the libraries of two U.S. presidents.

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