Buddy Cianci Diagnosed With Cancer, Says Prognosis Good

Jan 27, 2014

Former Providence Mayor Vincent `Buddy’ Cianci Jr., is being treated at Miriam Hospital for rectal cancer. Cianci, WPRO’s chief talk show host and a political analyst for ABC 6 said in a news release, ``I have been absent from the airwaves for the past week due to hospitalization for a recent diagnosis of cancer.’’

Cianci, 73,  said that medical opinions indicate that ``the cancer is completely curable’’ and that the prognosis ``is for a full recovery.’’

Cianci’s friend, former Providence Mayor Joseph R. Paolino  Jr., says the former mayor will be back behind his drive-time microphone at WPRO next Monday. Cianci is scheduled to be released from Miriam this afternoon.

``While I undergo treatment over the next few months, I plan to back....next week. At that time, I hope to speak to some of the legions of fellow Southern New England residents who have confronted and conquered cancer,’’ Cianci said in a statement released by Linda Velhurst, his former longtime City Hall aide.

``Until than I ask that members of the media respect my request for privacy,’’ Cianci stated. ``I am grateful to have the opportunity to heal and recover at this time, as I look forward to what I anticipate will be a full and active schedule this summer and fall.’’

Cianci has been thinking about running for mayor again this year, but has made no decision.

Cianci also praised the compassion and competence of his doctors, thanked listeners in advance for thoughts and prayers and quipped, ``Tuesdays remain reserved as my bowling night.’’