RIPR – May 4, 2012. On that day Minnesota Public Radio opened a broadcast with the following words: "A funeral was held today in the small southern Minnesota town of Kasson for 13-year old Rachel Ehmke. The father of the 7th grader said she took her own life on Sunday after facing relentless bullying at school and online from a group of girls." This news report included details about how this young teenager was bullied relentlessly, in person and electronically. Sadly, this is hardly an isolated event in modern-day America. It happens more than we realize and, perhaps, more than we care to know. Jessica Crowe reminds us that Rhode Island is not immune. Jessica Crowe works at Tides Family Services, a Rhode Island agency serving youths and families, in its Home-based Clinical Services program. She also organizes programs for the Boys and Girls Club. Crowe is a graduate student in social work at Rhode Island College.

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