Bust in Woonsocket nets 16 suspects

PROVIDENCE, RI – Sixteen people - most of them from Woonsocket - have been arrested on illegal firearms and narcotics trafficking charges. The round-up is the result of a two-year investigation by the U-S Attorney's office, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Woonsocket police department.

US Attorney Peter Neronha says the investigation was aimed at corralling those people who pose the greatest threat to the residents of Woonsocket.

"The idea is if you can get the worst of the worst off the street then you're going to bring the crime problem down," says Neronha. "We've done that in other cities and towns in Rhode Island. It was a proactive investigation as opposed to somebody's committed a crime and now we're going to arrest him."

In addition to the 16 arrests, police seized more than three dozen illegal firearms and substantial amounts of crack cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy pills and hits of acid.

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