Cable Car Cinema Seeks Digital Upgrade

Feb 28, 2013

Following in the footsteps of the Jane Pickens Theater in Newport, Providence’s Cable Car Cinema recently launched a web-based fundraising campaign for a digital projection system. The single-screen art house theater must raise some $50,000 soon to purchase this new technology, or risk falling out of the movie business.

The film industry will soon transition from the expensive, traditional 35mm film reels to the new, crisp digital prints, making the Cable Car’s 250 pound projector from the 1950s more obsolete than a record player.

Cable Car Owner Daniel Kamil has renovated the theater and café with his wife and co-owner Emily Steffian, bringing in local art and food, and screening alternative films that are often not shown anywhere else in New England.

"It’s going to look and sound great when we’re done, and thus far we’ve been really impressed by the people reaching out to us, that kinda makes us feel good, because no one’s getting rich doing what we’re doing here, screening documentaries and foreign films, and it’s really a labor of love," said Kamil.

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The Jane Pickens Theater raised $61,000 through their similar kickstarter campaign this fall, exceeding their goal. Their new digital projector will arrive in Newport in mid-March, according to Owner Kathy Staab.