Candidates face off in gubernatorial debate

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The seven candidates running for governor lined up Wednesday night answering questions from extending gambling to the state's prison population.

When asked about how to get Rhode Island's K-through-12 students ready for college and a high-tech economy, independent candidate Lincoln Chafee said you can't cut taxes and boost funding for schools. That's why his sales tax proposal addresses the issue, he says.

"I'm the only one on this forum that's talked about revenue that can come in so we don't have to cut property taxes that adversely affect our K-through-12 school system," Chafee says.

Republican John Robitaille said the state needs to make sure the skills students need align with curriculum. Democrat Frank Caprio said holding teachers accountable will raise test scores. Moderate Party candidate Ken Block said he'd renegotiate teacher contracts and make sure they're qualified and assessed.

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