Candidates square off at debate

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The four candidates running for governor all said they would not take the words "and Providence Plantation" out of the state's official name. The question was posed Thursday night at a debate at Brown University.

The candidate also lined up behind the three bond issues for green space, road improvements and buildings for Rhode Island College. The candidates parted ways on how to boost the state's economy. Moderate Party candidate Ken Block created the most tension, calling out Democrat Frank Caprio for not delivering specific solutions. Caprio says he offers plenty of specifics.

"Especially when you talk about the pension problem, when you talk about the budget problem," Cpario says. "I have experience running a state department where we revolutionized the way the department ran, putting in place a strategic plan holding people accountable."

Independent Lincoln Chafee says he'd create jobs by building a knowledge-based economy rooted in health care, while Republican John Robitaille says he'd lower business taxes. Block says he'd focus on green businesses and the pharmaceutical industry.

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