Caprio defends remark about the president

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio is standing by his comment that President Obama could quote "shove it" for not endorsing a candidate in the governor's race.

Caprio backed Hillary Clinton in the presidential primary, and says the president's lack of endorsement for the Democratic candidate for governor is injecting politics into his visit to Rhode Island.

"He introduced politics into the whole deal by talking to the press about what he was going to be doing in Rhode Island regarding an endorsement," says Caprio. "I was hoping he was going to focus more on the small business issues here in Rhode Island."

Congressman Patrick Kennedy defends Caprio saying politicians often say things they regret in the heat of a campaign.

"All of us in public life would like a second do-over," says Kennedy. "I'm sure that in this instance Frank was just explaining his frustration and clearly in a way that he probably wishes he chosen different words."

The Democratic Governors Association says it's disappointed that President Obama passed on endorsing Caprio.

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