Car chase for movie rips through Providence

PROVIDENCE, RI – Universal Pictures will be in town through Wednesday shooting a car chase scene for a new movie "R.I.P.D." in downtown Providence. The spot was chosen by two location directors from the state who have worked in Providence on past projects.

Rhode Island Film and Television Executive Director Steven Feinberg says the shoot will create up to 100 crew jobs plus foot traffic for businesses, though the main cast will not be at the shoot.

"They'll probably do a slow crawl-through, just to make sure everything's the way they anticipate. Obviously they've planned for all of this stuff far in advance," says Feinberg. "And then what they're going to do is various camera angles and run-throughs throughout Tuesday and Wednesday"

The action-adventure film stars Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds as two police officers out to protect the living from an array of evil, supernatural creatures. It opens in theaters in June 2013.

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