Car tax protest continues in Warwick

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Warwick car tax revolt will continue Wednesday night at Warwick City Hall. Three hundred angry taxpayers are expected to unload on the Warwick City Council about sharply higher car taxes.

Like many communities in the state, Warwick all but eliminated a $6,000 exemption on automobile values for tax purposes. That's raised Roger Durand's auto tax by $150 a year. But his anger is more broad-based. Durand says the city has been financially mismanaged for years.

"We honestly believe in our heart of hearts that we didn't even have to have a tax increase this year if the Mayor went back and started cutting some of the benefit packages," says Durand.

Durand says he doesn't expect the City Council to roll back the car tax hike, but he thinks it will cause them to think twice before they try raising it again.

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