Carbon Tax Among Top Priorities For Environment Council Of RI

Jan 25, 2017

The Environment Council of Rhode Island has laid out its legislative priorities for the new General Assembly session. The group, comprised mostly of local non-profit environmental groups, hopes to cut carbon emissions with a new tax and increase renewable energy efforts.

The Council proposed a new tax that would be levied on companies bringing carbon-based fuels into the state. A tax rate of $15 per ton of potential carbon emissions would go to fund state renewable energy efforts.

Kat Burnham works on policy at the Environment Council. She says a new tax would help the state reach its carbon emission goals.

“While we do have some policies that get us a fraction of the way there,” said Burnham, “we really do need to make some important action steps now to reduce our polluting emissions and promote sustainable practices.”

She said the group is also optimistic about extending existing incentives for developers of renewable energy projects for the next ten years.