Carcieri Elected Governor

WRNI – Political new comer Donald Carcieri will be the next governor of Rhode Island. The retired busisness executive received about 55% of the vote. In her third bid for the office, Democrat Myrth York received 45%.

"We were gaining every week. People got to know me as a person. People are looking for a new direction, change," said Carcieri.

York spoke briefly to supporters last night, but did not indicate what her future plans are.

"Like you I'm disappointed, but still determined to do everthing I can to make a difference for the people of Rhode Island," York told a crowd at the Biltmore Hotel.

York declined to answer questions from reporters.

Political analysts suggested York was unable shake the liberal label placed on her past campaigns. "The overwhelming issue is the sense that she's not part of the mainstream and consequently a lot of the old line democrats who would have rallied around another candidate really didn't work all that hard this time to get her elected," suggested lobbyist David Preston.

Others also suggested York suffered a backlash from negative advertising and that some Rhode Island voters may be reluctant to elect a woman as governor.

Carcieri indicated Tuesday night he had already spoken with Governor Lincoln Almond. He scheduled a Wednesday news conference to discuss the transition of power.