Carcieri reaches out to Chafee

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Governor Donald Carcieri says he's offered to help governor-elect Lincoln Chafee as he transitions into office. Carcieri said he called Chafee Thursday about how he can smooth the transition.

Carcieri said he didn't think the new governor needed any specific piece of advice, but sees where Chafee is going to need focus.

"He's going to need some luck as we all do with the economy, because his number one priority unfortunately is going to be the 2012 budget," said Carcieri. "We've generated a surplus last year, we're on track to generate a surplus this year and we've going to need to save all of those surpluses because he's going to need that for the 2012 budget."

Chafee meanwhile has met with State Police about security details as he transitions into the governor's office.

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