The Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul Getting $1M Facelift

Jul 1, 2013

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence is making some major improvements to the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. That will mean masses will be moved downstairs to a meeting hall for a few months.

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul is getting a massive facelift just in time for its 125th anniversary next year.  Monsignor Anthony Mancini, rector of the church, said improvements are being made from top to bottom.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence is renovating the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul.
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“So what we are doing is taking up all the pews – and there are quite a few as you can imagine. And we’re putting a new floor under there. We’re improving the lighting greatly,” said Mancini. “We’re also renovating bathrooms and putting new floors here and there. So it’s kind of a major renovation. Also, the outside we’re fixing the bells and the tower clock, which hasn’t worked in a while. And things like that kind of major things.”

The cost of the improvements is expected to exceed $1 million. Financing will come from contributions and the church’s endowment.

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