Catholics Call On Bishop Tobin To Apologize For Mandela Statement

Dec 18, 2013

At ten o’clock Wednesday morning, a group of Catholics will converge on the  office of Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin to demand an apology for comments he made about the late Nelson Mandela.

Tobin released a statement criticizing Nelson Mandela's legalization of abortion in South Africa, for which he has received his own criticism.
Credit Catherine Welch / RIPR

Nelson Mandela had been dead only two days when Bishop Thomas Tobin made a statement that has drawn criticism. He said that while Mandela did much to improve the lives of South Africans his legalization of abortion was, quote, “shameful.”

An online group called “Faithful America” will present Tobin with 19-thousand signatures demanding that he apologize for the remarks. The petition says, quote, “Bishop Tobin, your shameful and mean-spirited attack on Nelson Mandela is an embarrassment to the church.”

It calls on Tobin to apologize and reflect on Pope Francis’s recent warning about the church becoming too obsessed with abortion and gay marriage.

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