Central Falls city councilor sees no reason to meet with receiver

Jan 28, 2013

Once again the Central Falls receiver will try and meet with the full city council. It’s a chance for the receiver’s office to walk elected officials through a five-year plan guiding the city back to financial solvency.

Three city council members have skipped a handful of earlier meetings. Council president William Benson Jr. is one of them. He says there’s no legal reason why he should meet and go over the plan, so don’t expect him there Monday night.

Central Falls City Council President William Benson Jr.
Credit Catherine Welch

A receiver has been running Central Falls since the summer of 2010. An attorney representing Benson and two other council members says time has run out on receivership. But the receiver says state law allows him to decide when it’s time to leave.

A Superior Court judge has ordered the two sides to take the matter up in mediation, that’s expected to happen next month.

Rhode Island Public Radio’s Catherine Welch sat down with Benson to talk about why the two sides aren’t able to sit down and work things out.

Tonight’s meeting is scheduled for 6:00pm at Central Falls City Hall.

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