Central Falls firefighters make concessions

Providence, R.I. – Central Falls firefighters have agreed to make some contract concessions to help the cash-strapped city.

The state appointed receiver who is managing Central Falls has reached an agreement with the city's firefighters that will save $289,000 in this fiscal year.

The 41 firefighters have agreed to reduce from $5,000 to $1,000 the amount they receive for not taking health insurance. And a 4 percent wage hike that was due to take effect in January, has been reduced to 2 percent with the remaining 2 percent deferred until the final day of the collective bargaining agreement.

The firefighters also have agreed to defer their $500 clothing allowance until 2012 and to defer payment for six holidays until fiscal year 2013.

Central Falls sought the state equivalent of bankruptcy protection in May when it was faced with a $3 million deficit. Since then the city has been run by a state appointed receiver.