Central Falls Library Gets Another Boost From Alec Baldwin

Jun 9, 2014

The Central Falls Library is looking to expand its programming for students.  The library got a big boost from actor Alec Baldwin at a fundraiser over the weekend.

Alec Baldwin speaking to the audience at Fete Ballroom in Providence.
Credit John Bender / RIPR

Alec Baldwin cracked jokes before a packed crowd at the Fete Ballroom in Providence before reading a James Thurber short story.

"We’re going do a little short stories, and some poetry and some Shakespeare.  You can keep getting drunk too, like you normally do here," said Baldwin.

The actor famous for his numerous movies, and the TV show 30 Rock has donated thousands of dollars to the Central Falls Library, and said libraries remain crucial for young people.

“You know the demands of young people even in this interactive age, in this internet age, they don’t go down they only go up.  So whatever we can do for libraries for our young people is what my wife and I are really in support of," said Baldwin.

The library closed down after the city went bankrupt in 2011.  It reopened thanks to help from Baldwin, and fellow actor Viola Davis among others. The library will use some money raised to provide multi-media training to local students.

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