Central Falls mayor says he'll fight receiver law

Providence, RI – The mayor of Central Falls says he and the city council have hired an attorney to fight the property tax hike put into the city's current budget.

The mayor made that statement after a meeting Monday between the state appointed receiver who crafted the tax hike and city residents who questioned it.

Residents packed into City Council chambers, peppering receiver Mark Pfeiffer with questions about how the city got into such debt and whether there was any way besides raising property taxes to clear it up.

Central Falls mayor Charles Moreau was there too. He says he's hired an attorney to see whether the law allowing a receiver is constitutional. Moreau also wants to get rid of the 10-percent tax hike.

"It's not going to happen, not as long as I am mayor. We're going to fight it, we're going to fight in on every level. It's unfair, we need to make some serious structural changes."

Because lawmakers crafted the receiver law based on a state supreme court case, Pfeiffer says he believes it will stand up in court.